Why am I not able to continue with my order or complete it?

If you click on the button "Continue with your order", you should see the next page with delivery and payment methods. If this won't happen, it's possible that one of the products in your shopping cart was sold out in the meantime. We recommend to check your shopping cart. After the unavailable product is removed, you should be able to continue with your order.

If you click on the button "Complete order" in the last part of the ordering process and the page isn't responding (there is no information about a successfully placed order), the reasons may be:

1.       The required box "I have become acquainted with the terms and conditions and with the conditions of personal data processing." hasn't been checked.
2.       The system indicates a mistake in billing or delivery address and you need to correct it.
3.       One of the products in your shopping cart was sold out and you need to remove it from the cart.

In case the order cannot be completed even after meeting all these conditions, please, contact our customer support Contact Dedoles.

We will gladly help you.